tubgoat, the Sequel

Stability is good.

I blame Danica Patrick.

tubgoat the blog lives. tubgoat.com the site, with its hosted WordPress application, is no more.  I went with a discount ISP, and while the price was good, I got what I paid for: Every time I attempted to update my WordPress or phpBB applications, either through the ISP’s site or from within the applications themselves, the SQL database(s) got hosed. I tried backing up the SQL databases before the last WP upgrade, and the very act of backing up hosed the SQL databases and the backup, leaving me with no more tubgoat.

I’ve managed to rescue some of the old posts through locally saved files and online cached pages, and I will re-post those as time allows. I’ve kept the tubgoat.com domain, and it now redirects to the wordpress.com-hosted site.

The lesson of the day is: Cheap hosting is not as good as free hosting.

Hit me. I can take it.

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