Actor Teresa Huang, Part 2

Star Power

Teresa Huang
Whoa! There she is again!

In part one, you realized that you’d seen Teresa Huang in a bunch of TV shows, then you got to know her a little as a person. In part two, we continue in that vein, then I give in and ask her about shows and co-stars.

tubgoat: What do you consider to be your Big Break? What doors did it open for you?

Teresa: My role as a medical student on ER was my big break because it got me into the Screen Actors Guild. You can’t be a working actor in TV & film without a SAG card, so I was enormously grateful to ER for giving me something that so many actors struggle to obtain. Not to mention the fact that ER was my absolute favorite show when I moved to California, so it was a thrilling introduction to my time in LA.

tubgoat: Besides acting in critically-acclaimed shows (and Hawthorne), what do you do with your time?

Teresa: I dipped my toe into television writing several years ago to give myself another creative outlet and take the stink of desperation off my acting.

tubgoat: I thought acting was gravy? How can delicious gravy possibly stink? …Sorry to interrupt.

Teresa: I also write short fiction, blog semi-regularly, and toil away at a novel that I’ll finish someday. I wish I had more time for writing!

tubgoat: Don’t we all, sistuh! Moving on, what the kids these days really want to know about is the celebrity gossip. Since we all already know who’s sleeping with whom and who stabbed who in the back, I’ll hit you with a curveball and ask: Who are some of the better actors you’ve worked with–as far as them being human beings and all?

Teresa: Eddie Izzard was an absolute dream to work with on The Riches! Focused and completely professional–he really held the tone for excellence on set.

tubgoat: I shouldn’t be surprised, seeing as this is the guy who ran, like, 30 marathons in 30 days. The Riches also starred one of my favorite character actors: the guy from Slither who said, “ Where is the goddamn Mr. Pibb? It’s the only Coke I like!” For that alone, he’s awesome.

He only plays an asshole on TV.

Teresa: Gregg Henry was a revelation! he always plays assholes and jerks, but he is the sweetest man in the world. Not to mention a talented singer-songwriter-pianist! He performs his blues music a few times a year in LA and always puts on a great show.

tubgoat: A fellow musician! That makes up for him being in Glee. As far as your experience on Lost, were you sworn to secrecy on a bloodied altar to Beelzebub or what?

Teresa: I auditioned with fake script pages so I couldn’t tell who was actually in the scene or what was actually happening. Once I booked the job, I was surprised that I wasn’t required to sign a 50-page NDA.

tubgoat: So Beelzebub popped up after that?

Teresa: The working environment, it was anything but tense–we were in Hawaii, bra! The cast and crew were so friendly and so sharp–a well-oiled machine to be sure.

tubgoat: Hawaii and bras. Those two things don’t necessarily belong together. Can we talk more tomorrow? I took a Mr. Pibb out of the fridge a while ago, and it’s getting warm.

In tomorrow’s conclusion of my discussion with Teresa Huang, things get real.

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