Interview with Techno-Geek Nerd Princess, Part 1

More than just a girl who dropped her phone in the toilet.

Christy Ramsey, the so-called "Nerd Princess"
TGNP does not approve of your use of company bandwidth

Christy Ramsey is an IT Professional, artist, and tech blogger under the name Techno-Geek Nerd Princess. She also has an amazingly quick wit, an enormous tattoo of buzzard wings on her back, and a gadget fetish that causes her friends to often wonder if maybe she was born with male genes. I chat-ambushed Christy while she was at work today. I figure as a woman who has many positive traits that have traditionally been associated with men, she’d be a good subject for tubgoat, where we look for insight into cultural stuff.

The chat log is presented verbatim.

tubgoat: What are you doing for the next ten minutes?

TGNP: Ummm…riding high on a caffeine buzz?

tubgoat: Let’s do this now, then, while you’re hopped up on goofballs.

TGNP: Hee!


tubgoat: So what is the mission of your site? What are you trying to accomplish with it? The raisin detre, see voo play.

TGNP: I suppose the underlying mission of the site is to relate real-life observations of (mostly) normal scenarios from my own viewpoint. I get a great deal of pleasure from reading someone else’s take on the world when I can say “HOLY CRAPS! I do that too! I’m not the only one!”

Plus, it seems that in my short 20-minute drive to or from work, I come up with all kinds of stories in my head that I feel are entertaining. So this is my way of sharing.

tubgoat: Finding out that you’re not the only one who does something is not necessarily always a good thing.

TGNP Tech funnies
She does this kind of thing for FUN.

TGNP: No, but finding out that you’re not the only one who dropped their phone in a toilet is somehow comforting.

tubgoat: I think I’d find it hard to be comfortable with a shit-stained phone, no matter HOW much bleach I used.

TGNP: It’s been dubbed “toilet-phone” on Google+. Luckily, there was no poop involved. I’m not sure my resolve would have held up otherwise.

tubgoat: OK. My opinion of you has recovered. Somewhat. So you are an artist, you work in IT, and you write. Which of those things is the thing that–if it paid enough to maintain a decent lifestyle–you would choose as your only thing?

TGNP: Ooooo, that’s a tough question! But a good one.

tubgoat: I’m a regular James f♠∞♣ing Lipton.TGNP: I enjoy writing a LOT. I hated it when I was a kid because I was subjected to the “write this phrase 500 times” punishment more than once and it just about killed my desire to ever write again. I think that’s one of the worst punishments anyone ever came up with in the history of education.

tubgoat: Learning by rote shaped the last ten generations. I guess that explains the current crop of GOP candidates.

TGNP: Art is harder because if you’re not inspired, you get crappy forced art. And a great deal of the time when inspiration hits me, I’m doing something that prevents me from doing whatever it was I was inspired to do. So that sucks. But it’s great when it all comes together and works.

tubgoat: Excellent. You summed up a major frustration in life very well. +1.


More to come. 

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