A Chat with Maya Posch, part 1

Never Netherland.

Maya PoschGoogle+ users, do you ever pay attention to the list of “suggestions” on the right side of the screen? I have precious few real life friends, so I check often. The growing number of people in my circles endows me with the illusion of popularity, and that’s good enough for Al.

Last week, Maya Posch was just another illusion suggested to me by a soulless algorithm. I added her to “Following” and promptly forgot about her.

This morning, a video shows up in the Stream. Check it out. Maya is like an onion, with the layers and all.

She is a geek for sure–with serious game programming skills, a deep love of all things Trek, and (not that I approve) mastery of the emoticon. Maya also happens to have been born intersex–a hermaphrodite. Raised as a boy, she has identified as female for the past seven years.

All of this is a little too inconvenient for the Netherlands government, which seems willing to recognize her gender identity, but not the fact that she possesses both male and female reproductive organs; they call it a “birth defect.” Since identifying as female, her government has made her life hell as constant persecution, bigotry, and bureaucratic bullshit have kept her trapped in an intolerant country that she wishes, more than anything, to leave.

I chatted with Maya from halfway around the world using this Internet thing the papers are always talking about. Presented more or less verbatim.

Maya: Hi :)

Al: Oi! You’re here!

Maya: I generally am :) Got 1-2 hours until dinner time here

Al: What is the cuisine like there? I don’t travel much, so I live vicariously through the cuisine of foreigners.

Maya: Heh, Dutch cuisine? Lots of mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables. I’m no big fan of it :D

Al: No wonder marijuana is legal.

Maya: Yeah, only way to make it bearable ;)

Al: I moved my family from Boston to the Atlanta area. That means no more decent seafood, but DAMN is the barbecue awesome down here!

Maya Posch and her emoticons
Despite her excellent command of English, Maya often resorts to inappropriate punctuation.

Maya: :) they BBQ a lot around here but I don’t like it too much. Can’t eat meat or fish :)

Al: Please clarify “can’t.”

Maya: Intolerance for animal proteins, apparently. Had issues with it as a child. After I stopped eating both, I reacted very strongly to even small amounts.

Al: The gods are indeed cruel. By the way, there is no way you are anything but a female. You use too many emoticons to be a guy.

Maya: Thanks. I hear that a lot. I’m terrible at being a guy :D

Al: If you ever need to pretend, just scratch your crotch a lot and pretend not to listen to women. And here’s our best trick of all: If someone asks you to do something that you don’t want to do, do a really shitty job at it the first time so they’ll never ask you again. Bonus points if you injure yourself. Double bonus points for blood.

Maya: I see, very informative :D

Al: I’m an encyclopedia of idiocy. As of today, where do things stand with your country’s official view of your gender identity?

Maya: They see me as male. As far as I know, I am the first person to make use of the intersex law in the dutch civil code. If the judge approves the gender change based on this law it’d mean quite a serious change. Even after that I very much doubt they will change their stance on the medical side, though.

In part 2, I stop making everything about me. 

If you are aware of any job openings (preferably in Norway or Canada) for a talented programmer, contact Maya Posch.

6 thoughts on “A Chat with Maya Posch, part 1

  1. What I find hopeful about her story is that social media is allowing it to spread around the world. When enough people of conscience know about her plight, they will help her. It’s not pity or charity, it’s doing what’s right for someone who is being screwed over by lots of bad people.

  2. (Editor’s note: Though I have allowed this comment to go live, I do not necessarily approve of its tone or content. If its presence becomes hurtful to anyone, or if it starts a flame war, I will take down all comments and disable further commenting. I let this go live simply to allow a dissenting opinion. )

    It is very unfortunate that Maya Posch continues to reach out to the public to share her story about being neglected and abused by Dutch medical experts because of her self-diagnosed “hermaphrodite” condition. Hemaphroditism, or what is known in modern terminology as Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis, is marked by chromosomal, hormonal, and anatomical abnormalities which are neither mysterious nor unknown. However, Maya Posch continues to extend her public internet media campaign for a condition she has never had nor has ever been diagnosed as having – not even in Germany. What she does have, is very acute Gender Dysphoria, and yet has claimed that the gender clinics in the Netherlands that properly diagnosed her (and ruled out intersex conditions after testing) have abused and brainwashed her. She invented her own “Intersex Society” because she did not get the cooperation, funds and support she wanted from any intersex organization. Because she is not intersex.

    See replies to her distorted and non-factual medical claims on a recent Reddit article she wrote. Individuals like Maya Posch continue to misinform the public about intersex conditions and treatment and does a terrible and destructive disservice to those of us who are diagnosed with and are being treated for intersex conditions. why would anyone do this? Because, according to her, she has a deep abiding loathing for transsexuals, and does not want to acknowledge that she is a MtF transsexual.


  3. I find it adorable that Louise here, if that’s even his/her real name, is denying the conclusions drawn by two German clinics and a German surgeon who is well-versed in transsexuality and intersex. Her claims fit right into the system of denial by the Dutch medical system and the systematic denial by the Dutch government that there is such a thing as intersex.

    As for the supposed transsexual loathing I am harbouring, if you read the summary on my site properly you can read there that I do not hate transsexuals, in fact many of my friends are transsexuals, but that having had Dutch physicians and psychologists attempt to brainwashing me into believing that I had to be transsexual has left deep emotional scars which make it difficult for me to approach the subject.

    I do not understand where ‘Louise’ hatred against me stems from, but I do know that I do not deserve it and have done more for the intersex case already than useless organizations like OII and ILGA who both have denied help to me and many other intersex people.

  4. I am closing comments on this subject. People have had their say, and I aims to keep the tone of this site on the lighter side.

    The best I can hope for here is that people who read this series finish it with a greater degree of awareness than they had before lunch.

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