Maya Posch, part 3


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In the previous installments of my chat with Dutch programmer Maya Posch, we mostly talked about her struggles in dealing with the complications that others have created around her being intersex. In part 3, we talk about other aspects of Maya.

Maya Posch on the Dutch TV show 'Je zal het maar zijn.'
That woman on the right. She has no shame.

Al: I watched the video of you on Vrije Vogels–the one where the lady was asking you about your genitals in a public locker room. (Editor’s Note: That’s the wrong video. I was referencing this one). What kind of feedback did you get from that?

Maya: Mostly people wishing me well and such. The most feedback I got from the magazine articles and the 2010 TV show.

Al: If I were a betting man, I’d put down a few grande that you got a bunch of marriage proposals. I mean you were in a public locker room talking about your genitals.

Maya: In a sense :) There were some older guys offering me a place to live :P

Al: Ew.

Maya: Yeah, there’s a lot of that, sadly.

Al: I’m an older guy, and I know how gross I am.

Maya: :)

Only Connect

Maya Posch. A geek at heart.
Insert lolcatz caption here. I'm damn sure not going to do it.

Al: In a 2008 video, you stated that you can’t have relationships, but I’m not clear on why.


Maya: Because I firmly believe that if you start a relationship while you have serious issues with yourself, you are not being honest with that other person–you are merely looking to dump your troubles onto that other person.

Al: Hmmm… If that were true, there would be precious few active relationships in this world… except for totally boring people. Then they’d all breed and Earth would be a planet of boring robot people. “Snurp. Snurp. Love does not compute. DOES NOT COMPUTE.”

That’s a good story there. I need to write that down.

Maya: :)

Well, more that, I think that you shouldn’t get into a relationship merely to make yourself better.

Al: Ah so*. You show exceptional wisdom for one so young.

Maya: I had to grow up quickly because of everything.

Al: But are you closed to the idea of having a relationship? If something happened, would you stop it? Just to be clear here, I am not hitting on you. I just want to make that clear. Not that I wouldn’t, but… ah shit…


Maya: :P I’m not closed to it, I just think it has to be handled with care. I mean… I think that the most important thing for me is to have the relationship primarily based upon an intellectual match, with the physical part secondary.

Al: Hah! You’re part Vulcan!

Maya Borg.
Bork bork bork!

Maya: They’re my favourite race in Star Trek :D I also like the Borg a lot ;)

Al: Why am I not surprised?

Maya: I just think it’s sensible, though. Never make decisions with your heart, only with your mind

Al: Ah. Something on which we disagree. YOU’RE WRONG, LADY! So much for your youthful wisdom.

…I would have put an emoticon there, but I already used up my one-per-decade quota two minutes ago.

Maya: :)

Al: You’re a total geek. Do you identify yourself as such?

Maya: Most decidedly.

Al: Excellent. How did you come to be a game developer? That takes dedication in specialized fields of computing.

Maya: I have always been very interested in computing and games. I started programming during the early 90s and spent many hours playing games and watching my younger brother play games. My fondest memories are of beating him in Zelda games on the Nintendo 64. That’s where my love for games comes from–the emotions they can generate and the visual nature of it. I also write a lot of stories, and recognize the benefit of translating it to a game or other visual medium.

Al: What’s your dream job?

Maya: Hmm… hard question… I’m not one for specializing myself. I enjoy both hardware and software equally. I love AI, robotics, but also games and such. I guess my dream job would be: to be free to work on new fundamental technologies.

In the final installment of my chat with Maya Posch, we wind things down, get centered, and leave for dinner.

* I am allowed to say this.

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