Kelsey Gray, Forensic Anthropology Person. part 1

Body Count

Kelsey Gray sees dead people
Ms. Gray has an unfortunate condition.

Kelsey Gray is one of those people I “met” through an ancient online comedy community. In the six or seven years I’ve “known” Kelsey, she’s always been interested in Archaeology or Anthropology–I’m too lazy to look up the difference. She’s got her degree in one of the two, and since then has traveled much of the world, looking for God knows what. She also interned with a Medical Examiner, which is reason enough to interview her.

Presented more or less verbatim. 

Al: Ambush interview!

Kelsey: guh?

Al: What’s your job now? Are you the Tomb Raider yet?

Kelsey: Not yet. I’m waiting tables for the time being.

Al: At Pooters?

Kelsey: PF Chang’s– next best thing!

I was interning at the medical examiner’s office for a while, but I stopped for a bit. I’ll start again sometime after new year’s.

Al: Ah so. What were you doing for the ME?

Kelsey: Watching autopsies, practicing articulating skeletons I’m unfamiliar with, looking at various types of skeletal injuries, and reducing bodies to skeletons.

Kelsey digs the dead.
One would think that Forensic Anthropologists have their own set of practical jokes.

Al: That’s the most awesomest internship ever, aside from the one where kids get to shoot zombies from the driver’s seat of a little Shriner-mobile while eating ice cream . How did that help you in your quest to become… what is it you want to become?

Kelsey: Forensic Anthropologist. It was a good way to expose myself to things that I’d have to get used to as a Forensic Anthropologist.

Al: What would your work day consist of as a Forensic Anthropologist?

Kelsey: It would vary wildly, I expect. The problem is, even in big cities, there isn’t enough work for a Forensic Anthropologist to do to stay occupied all the time, so I’m in a position where I’m wondering what else can I do to occupy myself.

Al: Would you study the recently deceased, or old dead bodies?

Kelsey: I’m thinking about trying to consult with archaeology firms, but I’m not sure yet.

Al: I didn’t realize there were firms. I thought archaeology was the domain of either prestigious Universities with English accents, or shadowy cabals run by eccentric billionaires who prefer to hide behind guys who look like Pete Postlethwaite.

Kelsey: Haha.



Kelsey: One of my friends works for a firm in Williamsburg and mentioned that they don’t have anyone who really knows anything about bones there.

Al: How long have you known that this is what you want to do? What got you into it?

Kelsey: I always wanted to do archaeology, but I took a class in college and fell asleep in it because it was so boring. I took osteology the next semester and i was like, YEP!

In part the next, Kelsey teaches us a cool trick you can do with a femur.

Hit me. I can take it.

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