Water Hazard

Sorry I haven’t posted any of the remaining parts of outstanding interviews. We bought a house, and as if the process of closing and moving wasn’t enough, when the county water folks turned on our new home’s water (when no one was home), the person who turned the knob didn’t bother sticking around for ten seconds to see if the meter was running–something I’ve since been told by half a dozen plumbers, HVAC pros, and contractors is supposed to be a matter of practice.

Coalition Against Copper Theft Logo
Thank God SOMEONE is thinking about the children.

Turns out someone stole almost all of our copper plumbing, and the water coming from the street line just flowed straight into our crawlspace. It was gushing for about 20 hours before I came into the home and discovered it. Suffice to say, this was an unpleasant moment for me.

$5,300, two days in a crawlspace with a shopvac, and a few years off my life later, and everything’s fine. This put me off schedule, though, and I’ve since been scrambling to get all our junk out of our old place, paint the bedrooms, fix/modify whatever is not to our liking, and otherwise make our new home livable for my wife, my kids, and maybe even myself.

I will do my best to find some time to edit and post the remaining parts of the outstanding interviews. Thank you for your patience.

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