Maya Posch, part 4

Princess Posch
Princess Posch

Get Out of Dodge

part 1, part 2, part 3

Al: So all in all, how are you?

Maya: Have you seen the vlog video I posted today? I guess it’s a good summary of how I feel about this all. Mostly emotionally upset, I guess.

Al: It was f***ing heartbreaking, damn you.

Excuse my language. I was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey.

When you move, which issues will be resolved and which will remain?

Maya: Assuming I move to a tolerant country, I will have access to the medical and psychological/trauma help I can’t get here. It should have a major positive effect on my PTSD.

Al: I’m a big proponent of therapy. You are a better person than most for recognizing your need for it.

Maya: I tried to get EMDR therapy for my PTSD here, but the therapist refused, saying that while I’m here in the Netherlands EMDR therapy would destroy me. She said that the trauma is too strong right now. At any rate, relocating would be helpful.

Al: How’s that looking? What do you have to do to be able to move? Is it just a matter of choosing a country?

Maya Posch: It’s mostly a matter of finding a way into another country, whether it’s as refugee or by getting hired. So far, neither seems likely or at all possible. I spent months looking for a job in Australia. It’s hell… And intersex isn’t recognized by the UN either, so I would only be accepted as a refugee by the grace of the country I choose.

Al: If the UN even TRIED to recognize it, some ***holes in the US government would threaten to stop paying dues. Even after 45 years on this planet, I still manage to let myself be surprised at how evil some people can be.

Maya Posch: Indeed. It’s evil that governments are this adamant on setting rules on how people should live their lives and what they can/can’t do. I often think that human rights is more of a cruel joke.

Al: People of conscience know what the role of government should be in establishing and enforcing basic human rights. The problem is that people withOUT conscience have to get involved.

Maya Posch: Indeed. Anyway, it’s dinner time here.

Al: Enjoy your boiled goodies.

If you can help Maya get out of the Nethlands, contact her. 

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