Drop the SOPA

SOPA sucks.
Stop looking at me.

I’m against SOPA, and not just because Huffington Post said I should be or because I dislike Spanish or Mexican soups. On the contrary, I am a huge fan of menudo (the sopa, not the band, though some of those melodies were quite catchy), with its spicy blend of barnyard goodies.

SOPA the bill and its evil stepsister PIPA have the potential to stop anyone from speaking their mind online. This time, it’s not just racist shock jocks, tinfoil-topped conspiracy theorists, and corporate satirists who face the gavel of the civil magistrate; bloggers, writers, and even anyone who posts a comment on a Web site could end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit just for linking to a company’s site.

The wording of the bills makes it seem as though it were written by an old man who can’t program the VCR and thinks cellphones are the debbil, and that lack (hatred?) of proper technical terminology opens the bills up to interpretations that could turn the Interwebs into a corporate-approved forum of limited speech, with the threat of litigation weighing down every word.

Here’s some information on what these bills are and what good people can do to prevent them from becoming law:

Hit me. I can take it.

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