Brad Poynter on Guns and Family

Gonna git me a shotgun
Yee haw.

When last we spoke with Arkansas native Brad Poynter, he told us about all the cool guns he owns.

tubgoat neither advocates nor condemns gun ownership. What it does advocate, however, is artistry and creativity in all its forms. For those who disagree with the NRA’s interpretation of the Second Amendment, put aside your preconceptions of the paranoid gun nut for a few minutes and consider this: Brad does not use his superpowers to take life. He uses them to create works of artistry and whimsy.


Al: Thousands of comedy fans love you for your gun-related hijinx. Do you have an alter ego?

Brad: By day I am a mild mannered IT guy for a software development company. By night I am working to become a modern day renaissance man, sans all the sculpting and painting.

Al: Is there a missus? Young ‘uns?

Brad: I have been married for 15 years and I have three beautiful and intelligent daughters aged 10, 12, and 14. Kid Bragging moment: My 12 year old got to take the ACT early and made a 19. I am very proud.

Al: Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Let’s talk about guns. Of all the firearms you own, which is most dear to your heart?

Brad: The over and under is my favorite, for sure. It was my Grandpa’s–my first real gun, so it means a lot to me… and it’s a very effective small game rifle, should it ever comes to that. The bullets are cheap and plentiful, so I am using it to teach my daughters to shoot.

Al: Of course you are. …How’s the wife with all that?

Brad: She is cool with my small collection. If things were better financially, I think she would probably be okay with me filling up a gun safe or two.

Al: Does she ever join you and the kids, like on a family turkey shoot or fox hunt?

When there is no more room in hell, the dead will be sent to Brad.

Brad: We shoot together on rare occasions.

Al: Including your stunts for ZUG?

Brad: She usually just tries to stay out of my way on experiment weekends, but she will lend a hand if she is worried that I am going to blow myself up or set the house on fire. Otherwise, she just waits to see the end results, although she was really unhappy with me for a while after I shot the Bible and didn’t even giggle at the end of the video when I got struck by lightning. It was totally worth it.


Al: God does not have a sense of humor. We all learned that from Sunday school. So you mean to tell me that with all that firepower, there haven’t been any fatalities?

Brad: I have never had anything go so wrong that anyone got maimed or anything. Despite how much I make light of the safety procedures in my articles, I put a ton of planning and preparation into making sure that even if things don’t go as expected it’s not going to literally blow up in my face.

 Al: What is the worst thing that has happened thus far? I phrase it thusly because I hope to hear of something spectacularly boomific someday soon.

Brad: The most out of hand anything ever got was when I almost burned down the field in the exploding microwave experiment. That was one of the early ones and my supposedly thorough planning didn’t account for the fact that it would keep burning after the explosion. You live, you learn, you buy a fire extinguisher.

Al: Wuss.

Hit me. I can take it.

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