Techno Geek Nerd Princess Parenting Advice

All your apps are belong to us.

When last we spoke with the Techno-Geek Nerd Princess, she told us some stuff about her work. That was boring, so we talked again. About love–both the “bow-chicka-chicka-wah-wah” kind and the “awwwwww” kind.


Al: I think we left off with me about to ask you if your geekiness limited your dating options.

TGNP: Haha, I think so. I never really “dated” much, but when I did, I think it was difficult to find guys who were into the things I was. I actually met my husband on an internet dating site, believe it or not.

Al: You have a son. Does he know that his mom & dad met on the Internet?

TGNP: Heh, not yet. Though he’s definitely going to be a techie kid.

Al: How are you so sure? Are you putting gallium arsenide in his Quisp?

TGNP: I have an iPad, but he has way more apps on it than I do. Most days when I pick him up from school, he’s on the computer there.

Al: Hold on–you let your child use your iPad?

TGNP: Yeah, he’s currently hooked on Dragonvale and Temple Run.

Al: Ah yes, those “free” games that the youngsters enjoy so well.

TGNP: Word to the wise: Turn OFF the app store and YouTube when your kids play with your iPad.

Al: (Child’s name witheld) and I started playing Dragonvale a few days ago. I wish I had had your advice before we started. Those in-app purchases can be a bitch. How old is (child’s name withheld)?

TGNP: He’s 4 and he’s really smart. He’s going to give me trouble if, I’m not careful.

Al: He’s going to give you trouble no matter how careful you are. You’ll come home one day, all your appliances will be in pieces, and he’ll be aiming his interocitor’s death ray at his daycare.

TGNP crown
Remember, parents: The Internet is forever.

TGNP: Don’t say that too loudly.

Al: I will type more quietly. What kind of limitations do you set on what he can do on computers/devices, time-wise and content-wise?

TGNP: He’s not allowed to watch ANY videos without supervision. He’s only allowed to play his games for short periods of time and then he has to turn it off and do something else. It’s really easy for him to get focused on it and totally tune out. But that also means that when he gets older, he and I are going to geek out on games together.

Al: Just as I and my family members geeked out as a nuclear unit on our Pong clone. The more things change–from the 70s, at least–the more they stay the same.

What sort of skills do you notice in him that you did not have at that age? Have you had any “Holy crap on a cracker–how in the flying Walendas did he do THAT?” kind of moments?

TGNP: Oh definitely! He picked up on how to navigate the iPad VERY quickly, at around 3 and a half. And he remembers EVERYTHING.When my sister and I were kids, our Dad made up a song about our phone number so we could remember it if we were ever lost and needed it. It was only 4 lines–

Al: I think it was you who answered the phone when I dialed 867-5309 back in ’86.

TGNP: Recently, I changed the wording to rhyme with my phone number and sang it a few times for my son one afternoon. Several days later, he just busted out singing it randomly, word for word. Totally freaked me out.

Al: Ten years from now, he’s going to quote stuff you’ve told him in these halcyon days, and you will be so screwed.

TGNP: I’m looking forward to telling him one day that I’m older than the internet.

— END, for now —

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