Techno Geek Nerd Princess, Humorist

Techno Geek Lobot Princess
We are the Lobot.

When last I spoke with the Techno Geek Nerd Princess, she eagerly dispensed anecdotes and wisdom on the propers of raising a geek-child. As a fellow parent, I invariably find such conversations illuminating. TGNP isn’t just like a girl Internet Yoda, though–she’s also got some serious comedic chops. She currently leverages said chops working for one of the Web’s oldest, most prestigious comedy sites: ZUG.


Al: What exactly is it that you do for ZUG, Milton?

TGNP: I’m currently managing the various social networking pages for ZUG: Facebook, Twitter and Google+, so you could say that ZUG’s Social Media Maven.

Al: Well, technically, a maven is one who imparts knowledge, like the Dalai Lama, Jesus, or the aforementioned Yoda, so–

TGNP: I get people to interact.

Al: Ah. I get it. I was going to say that you’re more like the Lobot.

TGNP: I’m a very social person by nature, so it’s fun to get people involved who might not normally post on

Al: That’d be people who live in their moms’ houses on above-ground floors. How do you get these folks to debase themselves so?

TGNP: Last month, I did my first weekly Comedy Challenge where I had people from each social network suggest ideas and then I posted the highest-rated ones on

Al: How’d that turn out for you?

TGNP:  It turned out really well.

Al: Score. We met through ZUG’s community, which I would describe as a highly dysfunctional group of backstabbing mysanthropes. But then, I haven’t been active since I decided to put some attention into raising my children. How’s it going over there?

TGNP: It’s going pretty well! The community is a lot less cutthroat than it used to be, though the grammar and sentence structure standards are still enforced fairly ruthlessly. They have high standards for a bunch of basement-dwellers.

Embrace humor's dark side
Embrace humor's dark side

Al: Is there a current scapegoat/pariah? This year’s Maha? (Editor’s Note: A decade or so ago, the ZUG community–then known as GAB, was inundated with posts from a user named Maharishi whom the vast majority found totally unfunny. His lack of funny was so complete that when ZUG went to a now-defunct rating system allowing users to dole out negative ratings, the community named the negative rating “The Maha.”)

TGNP: There are a few, but I’ll plead the fifth on specifics. Heh

Al: What? Are you afraid of losing your “job”?

TGNP: There are several “old timers” who either still post regularly or who pop in every now and then to add their two cents, then disappear for a while. I don’t think anyone ever really gets away.

Al: It ain’t easy, and most folk out there don’t have a point of reference for this sort of thing–an Internet community pushing 20 years old. Once you’ve been in it for a few years, you’re kind of stuck with it.

TGNP: It’s like the herp.

Al: If herpes had the symptoms of syphilis.


Al: Ha indeed.

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