There Goes the Neighborhood

This is a great town for me… to poop on.

After dropping the kids off at camp, I took the dog for a walk around this fine neighborhood. I almost wrote “‘hood” right there, because then that sentence would’ve dripped with rich, gooey irony. Like literary Marshmallow Fluff®. I didn’t, though, because irony doesn’t trump stupidity.

The town I live in (Decatur. To be precise, City of Decatur)–while not exactly approaching the swankness of Buckhead, Sherman Oaks, or even Rumson–is one of those places that people in surrounding areas mock relentlessly. I presume it’s because of the high taxes, vibrant culture, and excellent schools; it can’t be because of the above-average number of lesbians living here. That would not speak well of the character of those insulting this bastion of diversity and open-mindedness. …though come to think of it, that would explain the nickname “Dickhater.” You’d think we’d be beyond that kind of thing in 2012.

The City of Decatur* is an eclectic mix of upper and lower middle class, pre-war utilitarian structures and contemporary architecture, snobby boutiques and practical stores. Then there are the supernaturally clean parks, the aforementioned excellent school system, and some kind of church on every other block. In the three years that I’ve lived here, I have only managed to explore a small fraction of the city’s 4.2 square miles. Before the puppy came along, though, that fraction was even smaller–perhaps by as much as a factor of three! Nothing like an animal that can’t use a toilet to get a guy out of the house.

This morning’s photo session was inspired by partly-cloudy skies, the juxtaposition of urban traffic & ASC’s stillness, and an abundance of brilliant flora with that “I just got rained on!” freshness. I’m no Ansel Adams or Robert Mapplethorpe, but considering I had a 55 lb. puppy with a nose for feces yanking on my arm every time I needed to focus a shot, I am pleased with the day’s results.

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*Much of DeKalb county is unincorporated. Decatur is a huge chunk of DeKalb, and only parts of Decatur are incorporated. Those parts have higher taxes, but they also have better schools and services. The incorporated part of DeKalb depicted in this post is the City of Decatur. It’s a distinction that has become a source of much bad blood over the years. 

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