I Do Too Believe in Unicorns

In response to my posting this Salon article positing a scientific explanation for near-death experiences, a friend understandably accused me of a lack of imagination. This is my response to that response.
My pooping on the supernatural parade is not caused by the loss of a magical worldview; my imagination is no less active than it ever was. It gets fired up by science, and by the amazing, wonderful, disgusting things that people can do without the aid of superpowers and/or alien intervention.

Let’s look at the crop circles as an example: My rational mind knows that there is no way that sentient aliens have visited this planet, as much as I think it would be cool if they had, because then we could blame Donald Trump on them.  The theory that aliens somehow had the inclination to squish corn stalks has been definitively debunked–but that does not make crop circles any less awesome to me, because the real explanation is so much cooler than aliens: A bunch of artsy types came up a way to create designs in cornfields with such speed that they could sneak onto someone’s private property and complete designs covering hundreds of square feet in a matter of minutes. The creativity and ingenuity that these people showed is more inspiring to me than giving credit to aliens who must be huffing rocket fuel, because what purpose could they possibly have for making circles in corn?


Hit me. I can take it.

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