Merry Crispness to All

pigeoto-01Crispness been celebrated since way before Jesus. It had different names in different cultures, but similarities abound, not unlike fine ham. Jesus probably wasn’t even born at this time of year, so Christians have no claim over this time of year. Not saying that they shouldn’t celebrate in December, only that the complaints of a vocal few don’t have much merit.

So to the Christians who think that anyone is taking the Christ out of Crispness: Relax, and be glad that the rest of humanity allowed him INTO the season. It is not just your holiday, so either deal with people celebrating in their own ways, or accept the historical realities around Christ’s birth and have your celebration in March, or whenever it was He was born. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve a big party with trees and presents and Uncle Frank dropping trou after one too many egg nogs, because Jesus is just all right with me.

To those who get offended when someone wishes them a merry Xmas: Lighten up. They are not trying to convert you, just wish you well. Wish them back a happy Jimmy Buffet’s birthday, or whatever it is you choose to be happy about on December 25.

So as we get closer to Crispness Eve, don’t worry about how anyone else is celebrating. Just be happy that there is celebration. Don’t drink n’ drive, be excellent to each other, have a good time all the time, I know you are but what am I, God bless us everyone, and that’ll do pig.


Hit me. I can take it.

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