Bridging the Divides

What I’ve learned from coordinating a refugee co-sponsorship:
It is 100% a team effort. That team includes the refugees. They’re the ones working the hardest. 

Google Translate is your friend. It’s a friend who’s drunk 24/7 and has Tourette’s, but it’s still a friend. 

Email is obsolete, though MailChimp™ makes a damn good case. FaceBook groups and IM–lord forgive me–are more effective for group communication. 

Having too many volunteers has its problems, but they’re good problems to have. I’ve learned to be a better delegator. 

Big-ass volunteer projects are a great way to make new friends. 

War fucking sucks. I knew that already, but it’s a good thing to re-learn. 

Always remember to seek the counsel of the wise and experienced. Stay humble. It’s easy to do when you have coffee every day with people whose home country is a flaming pile of rubble. 

Bowling is the great unifier.

Respect for everyone’s choice of spiritual lifestyle is a moral imperative. When the time comes to get to work, whether or not someone believes it’s God’s work doesn’t matter. We all sweat together.

Hit me. I can take it.

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