A Plea On Behalf of Refugees 

Refugee families receive enough government rent assistance to last three months, and food stamps and medicaid benefits don’t last forever. Even families that don’t speak English, have medical issues, or suffer PTSD because they left a country that’s being destroyed by a despot are expected to be self-sufficient after only a few months. 
Only one out of ten families get a co-sponsor: a group or church that works with the resettlement organization to provide assistance in whatever ways it can. The other 90% of families either find work and get by, or they must rely on the kindness of others to survive. 

A group of volunteers–some affiliated, some not–met with four different Syrian refugee families last night, all of whom really need some of that kindness of others right now. They all have children, and they all need money to buy food and pay bills. They need volunteers with time and cars to drive them to appointments. They need people to look over all these things they get in the mail that are written in the language they don’t understand, and help them figure out what they need to do to keep from getting evicted or having their electricity shut off. 

Hundreds of you have been so amazingly generous when I have asked for help before. My hope is that we can spread the net wider, and bring in people like you all–people who see how bad things are getting in the world and want to do  good–but who are still looking for ways to help.

Would you please pass this message along to anyone who might be able to help in some way? Especially people, businesses, and groups in the Atlanta area who can help out in person.

I will provide my contact information on request. 

Thank you. …again.

Hit me. I can take it.

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