Neutering the Confederacy

The “monument to Confederate soldiers” in the middle of our city was taken down last night, starting around 11PM. It had been announced to the public that it would happen by the end of this month, but an exact date and time wasn’t given. The suddenness of the event was to avoid it turning into a showdown between ammosexual MAGAts and humans.

A crowd gathered and cheered on the city workers as they attached chains and brought the obelisk to the ground. Not an AR-15 or red cap to be seen. If there were any present who were opposed to the obelisk’s removal, they were weeping silently, out of view of the hundreds of raised phones.

As I watched the stream on the Insta, a few comments popped up condemning this “erasure of history.” This is not history erased, Hoss. This is history corrected.

“These statues are our heritage,” lamented one commenter. No, Jed. This is not the loss of anyone’s heritage. This is the removal of a knife in the heart of a community. This is the cleaning up of a pile of shit that we’ve all had to smell and avoid as we went about our business in town.

“Why don’t we take down the MLK statues next?” asked one commenter. Because statues of MLK weren’t put up to intimidate a powerless white population (though oddly, they do intimidate a lot of white folks, even though they hold the power).

I expect a backlash of some sort, with armed fans of Bo & Luke Duke surrounding statues in towns around the US. But they’ll discover quickly that they are the minority now, and that Americans don’t want to look at statues of traitors.

Maybe the Sons of the Confederacy can use it for a Sit n’ Spin

Hit me. I can take it.

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