Hello, Tulsa!

The number of people who showed up for SHitler’s klan rally in Tulsa, OK is the number that would have showed up no matter how many ticket requests were made. Thanks to the younger generations of conscientious American patriots, those requests were more than enough to fill the 19,000 set arena (and the 40k capacity outdoor overflow lot) many times over.

But the final count of Hair Fürher’s thralls was juuuuuuust a little shy of those maximums allowed by fire code.

The official count: Just under 6,200

Campaign Manager Brad (yes, Brad) Parscale promised us a crowd of one million. I’m no Isaac Einstein with the math, but I think that the final turnout is .62% of Brad’s projected number.

But so what? There was no way the waddling mass of MAGA were going to swarm into Tulsa a million strong, if only because of pandemic-related issues like limited flights and limited seating at Denny’s.

What the world should pay attention to is not so much the numbers, but what SHitler’s excuses are for the numbers: Protesters blocked metal detectors and were up to all kinds of nefarious deeds that kept the True Believers from cramming the arena to capacity. .

Truth hurts, Donnie, and the truth is that the number of people who support you is shrinking every day. Whether it’s because they’re dropping from the COVIDs or they’re just getting exhausted from the mental gymnastics their crippled brains have to constantly perform to convert your constant volley of lies into something vaguely resembling truth, there just aren’t as many MAGAts as there were when you were just a simple con man who rose from a golden toilet to the White House.

Cheeto Jeebus on his way to charm a million of his biggest fans.

Hit me. I can take it.

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