Guns Don’t Kill People…

The idea of owning a firearm for defense is absolute bullshit. No matter how well trained the gun owner is, no matter how secure their weapons are, and no matter how much they imagine they’re John fucking Wick, the fact is that their gun is hundreds of times more likely to be used against a loved one, a bystander, or the owner themselves.

Holding a gun makes a person more likely to be attacked—especially if the other guy has a gun.

The “good guy with a gun” myth is is the biggest pile of bullshit, though. The first reason being that no one reacts how they think they would in a life or death situation, and even if they act calmly and rationally, they are far more likely to hinder authorities and get bystanders and authorities hurt than they are to be a help.

Despite the utter insanity that the concept of owning a gun makes one safer, people buy them. They brainwash themselves into believing all kinds of crazy shit to justify it, and the reason they perform these mental gymnastics is FEAR.

And when you respond to your fear by endangering others, you are a coward.

Confiscate all guns, destroy them, and ban them. I know it’s a fantasy, but peace and sanity start with hope.

Hit me. I can take it.

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