The Primary Contagion

“Stop the madness.”

“You’re just peddling fear.”

“It’s nowhere near as bad as what they’re saying.”

“It’s no worse than the flu.”

“More people survive coronavirus than die from it.”

These are quotes copied directly from The Comments. They show that Willful Ignorance is contagious, and is a primary facto LR in the transmission of COVID-19.

Not The Flu

COVID-19 has a higher mortality rate than most flus, but comparing it to the flu is another mistake that the ignorant make: There are long-term effects.

I personally know about a dozen people who have survived the virus. Half of them are almost symptom-free months later, but the other half still suffer from symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue to recurring high fevers.

Who’s Afraid?

One argument that is prevalent among those who oppose masks and distancing is that those who practice these measures do so out of fear. They claim that those who follow the advice of the CDC, WHO, and Dr. Fauci are not thinking rationally but they’re just in such fear of the virus that they blindly follow the word of Big Science instead of “doing the research.” It doesn’t help that this argument is often backed up by such intellectual luminaries in the world of medicine as Donald ‪Tяump‬.

I don’t even know how to talk to people who think like this. I explain to them that I wear a mask, wash my hands, keep my distance, and don’t attend gatherings in part because of course I don’t want to get the COVIDs, but also because I don’t want to risk that I may already have it and may give it to someone else.

Is it that compassion and common decency are alien to these people?

The fact is that until we ALL accept the best advice of qualified scientists and medical professionals, instead of the crap spewed by politicians, this virus is not going away, and people will continue to suffer and die.

Hit me. I can take it.

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