David Perdue Ad Script

“I know that if you are in any way likely to vote for David, you don’t give a hoot about blacks, illegals, liberals, the environment, your children’s future, democracy, freedom, the constitution, or ANY of that weak stuff.

David Perdue will pander to you and your fear of brown people, the gays, any kind of change, and the boogeyman of socialism, as if you even know what that is beyond the garbage you hear on Fox.

He knows what an absolute coward you are, so he’ll let you buy any kind of guns you want—40,000 lives every year is a small price to pay for you to live out your action movie fantasies! Objectively, you’d be waaaaaay better off with Ossoff, but then you’d actually have to start thinking for yourself and dealing with less black people getting murdered by cops and Nazis—and we know you don’t want THAT! (I’m David Perdue and I approve this message. Heil Cheeto!)”

Hit me. I can take it.

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