Ow, My Jernts!

History Repeats

👩🏽🧑🏼‍🦲”Now we know how Germany allowed Hitler to rise to power.”

👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻”But my friends and family who support ‪Tяump‬ are good people!”

No, 👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻, they are NOT good people. As long as they are a part of this mob that is pushing gleefully toward a fourth Reich and another Holocaust, they are bad, shitty, horrible, evil people. You need to suck it up, accept it, and push back against their bullshit.

Maybe after we’ve defeated the regime and your ‪Tяump‬y relations distance themselves from the mob, they’ll go back to being good people (albeit with a bloodstained history), but for now, they ARE the Germans who cheered for Hitler—right around the point in history where gangs of fascists were torching Jewish businesses and beating Jews in the streets. We have passed Krystallnacht.

Anyone who doesn’t think that the timeline could repeat itself is a fool.

Giving to Those Who Deserve It

As much of an asshole as I come across as, I always try to empathize with people in news stories. I was raised Quaker from birth, and it’s what we’re taught. “There is that of God in everyone,” is a lofty way of saying, “Everyone else has feelings just like you do, asshole.”

The thing is, after decades of performing this exercise with every single person in every single news story, there are people that—when I still my mind and do the Deana Troi thing—block the empathy wave with a selfishness so great that no amount of positive vibes can pass. These creatures are ready, willing, and often eager to let thousands of people suffer and/or die for any amount of gain. It could be like, “I hate that black guy, so I’m gonna undo this legislation he enacted,” even though there is no reason to do so except spite. As a result, thousands of people can’t get some crucial medication, and their lives are fucked up or ended.

Why Not Just Fake It?

I am past that need to appear like I have some angelic moral high ground by saying shit like, “They are human beings, and they deserve our sympathy!”

Fuck that. We’ve given them enough energy. Now, I say fuck them. They don’t deserve any more of it. Let them suffer and die. My energy is going to the people who are going to make things right.

Empathy for the Devil

I constantly make efforts to empathize with others—though it may not seem like it.

When I attempt empathy for ‪Tяump‬ over the past 24 hours, I get to “This is an old man suffering, and possibly fearing the worst,” and I feel it. I do. It’s frightening.

As I proceed in my journey, I am impeded by obstacles like hateful words where there should have been comforting words, lies that cost thousands of lives, and a constant onslaught of selfish bullshit that leaves destroyed families in its wake. Children raped, parents grieving over lynched children, people suffering long-term damage from a virus that could have been stopped…

I cannot wish him well. I have tried. Truly. As a yellow person with a brown child, two girls, and a job that involves helping some of the most vulnerable Americans, I am unable to reach that point.

I do not wish him dead, because I still have that shred of my Quaker upbringing. I DO wish him to experience a lot of what he has done to others.

And when he finally dies, I will celebrate. Because fuck him.

David Perdue Ad Script

“I know that if you are in any way likely to vote for David, you don’t give a hoot about blacks, illegals, liberals, the environment, your children’s future, democracy, freedom, the constitution, or ANY of that weak stuff.

David Perdue will pander to you and your fear of brown people, the gays, any kind of change, and the boogeyman of socialism, as if you even know what that is beyond the garbage you hear on Fox.

He knows what an absolute coward you are, so he’ll let you buy any kind of guns you want—40,000 lives every year is a small price to pay for you to live out your action movie fantasies! Objectively, you’d be waaaaaay better off with Ossoff, but then you’d actually have to start thinking for yourself and dealing with less black people getting murdered by cops and Nazis—and we know you don’t want THAT! (I’m David Perdue and I approve this message. Heil Cheeto!)”

No Defense

I’m not mentioning the name of the person who killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber. He needs to be locked up and his name should be “inmate.” For this post, he is “the killer.”

This case is going to be important, as the actions of the killer are being taken by many as inspiration—or even license—to murder BLM members, protesters, and anyone who disagrees with Tяump.

There are already many who are crying “self-defense!” but there is no self-defense case here. The defense will definitely try to argue points such as the defendant’s age relative to gun ownership, whether he already had the gun or not when he crossed state lines, and whether or not he perceived an ongoing threat after a plastic bag was thrown at him and the person who threw it was fleeing when shot. Each of these arguments has within it the potential to cast reasonable doubt upon the charges, but they will be brought up to obscure the underlying truths: The killer had the motive to kill (intense hatred for anyone who goes against police), he had the means, and he had the opportunity in the form of first a plastic bag, and then people trying to disarm him.

“Protecting property” with the iconic weapon of many a mass-murderer is not a strong defense. Source unknown

The killer’s background hurts any defense that he was a good citizen who went to Kenosha to “protect property.” In addition to his far-right views he’s posted on social media, days before he murdered two men, he and a friend (likely the same friend, Dominic, whom he called seconds after shooting his first victim) brutally assaulted a teenage girl.

The killer is in the black hoodie; the female victim is wearing dark red pants and is being assaulted by three males. Source: Reddit

Is the killer a product of horrible parenting? Probably. Was he in over his head? Definitely. But you know what? Tough shit. He went to Kenosha with a weapon of war—a weapon designed to kill human beings quickly and efficiently. He went with his rage issues. He went to confront people who were protesting police violence as an advocate of those police. He made premeditated choice after premeditated choice, and when that split decision came whether to kill or not, he chose to kill. It was murder, without a reasonable doubt.

When anyone speaks up for this murderer, every bit of truth offered to counter that defense will help to keep people like this killer from emulating him.