Guns Don’t Kill People…

The idea of owning a firearm for defense is absolute bullshit. No matter how well trained the gun owner is, no matter how secure their weapons are, and no matter how much they imagine they’re John fucking Wick, the fact is that their gun is hundreds of times more likely to be used against a loved one, a bystander, or the owner themselves.

Holding a gun makes a person more likely to be attacked—especially if the other guy has a gun.

The “good guy with a gun” myth is is the biggest pile of bullshit, though. The first reason being that no one reacts how they think they would in a life or death situation, and even if they act calmly and rationally, they are far more likely to hinder authorities and get bystanders and authorities hurt than they are to be a help.

Despite the utter insanity that the concept of owning a gun makes one safer, people buy them. They brainwash themselves into believing all kinds of crazy shit to justify it, and the reason they perform these mental gymnastics is FEAR.

And when you respond to your fear by endangering others, you are a coward.

Confiscate all guns, destroy them, and ban them. I know it’s a fantasy, but peace and sanity start with hope.

The New Math

Explaining racism to people who believe in reverse racism is exhausting. Here’s me trying it today in Facebook:

Anyone is capable of prejudice. A POC saying “all white people are trash” is prejudice.

But if we stop at that, we are being willfully ignorant and we are a part of the problem, not the solution. Prejudice is something anyone can have. Racism is not, and this is in no way a “rebranding” (this person told me that me calling prejudice racism was rebranding prejudice). These are two different things and understanding the differences is absolutely necessary for anyone who is going to be part of the solution.

Consider WHY a Black American watching the news today might say, “All White people are trash.”

Then consider why a white person watching the news today might say, “All black people are trash.”

Of course, there isn’t just one reason for each, but if you really consider it while applying sound Critical Thinking, you will come to the conclusion that—at the very least—these two theoretical people have different reasons. What you will hopefully realize is that while SOME white people have been victims of the system and have had shitty lives through no fault of their own, EVERY SINGLE BLACK AMERICAN has experienced systemic racism—at the very LEAST in the form of decreased economic and educational opportunities, and only because of the color of their skin.

It’s not this simple

Slippery Slope, My Ass

I’ve been spending A lot of time on social media lately defending the removal of certain types of statues from public places. This is not my big hot button issue, it’s just that the few conservative friends that I have left are posting more about this issue than about anything else. I suspect it’s because of all the talking points that the right is spewing about race these days, this is the one that is easiest for them to defend (“You’re erasing history!” “It’s vandalism!”)

  1. There are no public statues of Nazis in Germany. Germans and the rest of the world still learn German history during WWII.
  2. There are many reasons that statues of the Confederacy should be removed. The most relevant one would be that they were originally elected not as monuments, but as public statements of white supremacy during times of racial unrest, meant to threaten and intimidate Black Americans.
  3. The Slippery Slope fallacy in this case does not apply. What is happening is that the false history that racists have perpetuated about slavery and it’s generational aftermath are being more thoroughly challenged. The “Gone With the Wind” fantasy fades, as the truth of systematic torture, rape, and murder are exposed. The atrocities against people of color (Tulsa, etc) that have previously been kept out of mainstream history books are coming to light. As a country, we must look at the figures we look up to in the context of these centuries of ongoing oppression and abuse.

The removal of statues of confederates, known slave owners, and Columbus are not just for symbolic purposes. Children of color grow up with their history books, the shows they see on TV, billboards, and our very society telling them—in ways subtle and not subtle—that they are less human than white children. These statues are blatant and public (approved by local governments) reminders of this. The Slippery Slope fallacy here is just an excuse that racists in power are using to get their constituents to continue to resist Black Americans’ progress toward equality.

Slippery When Ignorant

Hello, Tulsa!

The number of people who showed up for SHitler’s klan rally in Tulsa, OK is the number that would have showed up no matter how many ticket requests were made. Thanks to the younger generations of conscientious American patriots, those requests were more than enough to fill the 19,000 set arena (and the 40k capacity outdoor overflow lot) many times over.

But the final count of Hair Fürher’s thralls was juuuuuuust a little shy of those maximums allowed by fire code.

The official count: Just under 6,200

Campaign Manager Brad (yes, Brad) Parscale promised us a crowd of one million. I’m no Isaac Einstein with the math, but I think that the final turnout is .62% of Brad’s projected number.

But so what? There was no way the waddling mass of MAGA were going to swarm into Tulsa a million strong, if only because of pandemic-related issues like limited flights and limited seating at Denny’s.

What the world should pay attention to is not so much the numbers, but what SHitler’s excuses are for the numbers: Protesters blocked metal detectors and were up to all kinds of nefarious deeds that kept the True Believers from cramming the arena to capacity. .

Truth hurts, Donnie, and the truth is that the number of people who support you is shrinking every day. Whether it’s because they’re dropping from the COVIDs or they’re just getting exhausted from the mental gymnastics their crippled brains have to constantly perform to convert your constant volley of lies into something vaguely resembling truth, there just aren’t as many MAGAts as there were when you were just a simple con man who rose from a golden toilet to the White House.

Cheeto Jeebus on his way to charm a million of his biggest fans.

A Lost Cause

I’ve been explaining to a lot of folks that:

  1. The Confederate statues being taken down are not monuments to the dead. Their original purpose was as public symbols of white supremacy, meant to intimidate Black Americans following different periods of racial unrest.
  2. Same with the Stars and Bars.
  3. The history and heritage that these people claim/believe these objects represent is a false, manufactured history.
  4. Nothing positive is lost with the removal of these objects. Our schools will continue to teach history, and schools that now teach the Lost Cause will be pressured to teach more accurate versions of history.
  5. Racism is not a permanent condition. Racists can shed the scales of racism and become decent human beings.
Artwork by Mike Luckovich, AJC

Neutering the Confederacy

The “monument to Confederate soldiers” in the middle of our city was taken down last night, starting around 11PM. It had been announced to the public that it would happen by the end of this month, but an exact date and time wasn’t given. The suddenness of the event was to avoid it turning into a showdown between ammosexual MAGAts and humans.

A crowd gathered and cheered on the city workers as they attached chains and brought the obelisk to the ground. Not an AR-15 or red cap to be seen. If there were any present who were opposed to the obelisk’s removal, they were weeping silently, out of view of the hundreds of raised phones.

As I watched the stream on the Insta, a few comments popped up condemning this “erasure of history.” This is not history erased, Hoss. This is history corrected.

“These statues are our heritage,” lamented one commenter. No, Jed. This is not the loss of anyone’s heritage. This is the removal of a knife in the heart of a community. This is the cleaning up of a pile of shit that we’ve all had to smell and avoid as we went about our business in town.

“Why don’t we take down the MLK statues next?” asked one commenter. Because statues of MLK weren’t put up to intimidate a powerless white population (though oddly, they do intimidate a lot of white folks, even though they hold the power).

I expect a backlash of some sort, with armed fans of Bo & Luke Duke surrounding statues in towns around the US. But they’ll discover quickly that they are the minority now, and that Americans don’t want to look at statues of traitors.

Maybe the Sons of the Confederacy can use it for a Sit n’ Spin