Prince helped me make it through high school. Dirty Mind is all over the soundtrack of the movie of my adolescence. 

Good thing I didn’t have a sister.


Stone Cold

funyunz-01It’s 4/20. Pick up a family pack of Funyuns™. You might could trade each bag for cool stuff, like paper money, engagement rings, a toupée, or a Tesla.

Girl Talk

So this weird thing happened last night.

chinese-food-01I took the girls and one of their friends (tweens three) to the Chinese Buffet. Because it’s quick, there’s something for everyone, and it’s cheap. And MSG isn’t bad for you any more. Continue reading “Girl Talk”

28 Days? Nuh uh. 


Merry Crispness to All

pigeoto-01Crispness been celebrated since way before Jesus. It had different names in different cultures, but similarities abound, not unlike fine ham. Jesus probably wasn’t even born at this time of year, so Christians have no claim over this time of year. Not saying that they shouldn’t celebrate in December, only that the complaints of a vocal few don’t have much merit. Continue reading “Merry Crispness to All”