I Do Too Believe in Unicorns

In response to my posting this Salon article positing a scientific explanation for near-death experiences, a friend understandably accused me of a lack of imagination. This is my response to that response.
My pooping on the supernatural parade is not caused by the loss of a magical worldview; my imagination is no less active than it ever was. It gets fired up by science, and by the amazing, wonderful, disgusting things that people can do without the aid of superpowers and/or alien intervention. Continue reading “I Do Too Believe in Unicorns”


While walking the dog, I came across this illegal art installation.






I Like To Move It


This post comes from a comment I posted on Facebook.

I had really slacked on my music since becoming a father. Some kids just require more attention than others, but I also wanted to be around them as much as possible, and I missed them when I was at rehearsals.

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Ear Wig

I had been an analog snob until recently–and I’m speaking only as a player, not a producer–you ask me what the knob does, I say “I don’t know.” One day, maybe four years ago, it dawned on me that the combination of caring too much about what I heard from my vantage points, and a bias against digital gear were limiting my musical expressiveness and costing me too much money (as snobbery often do).
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ZUG zwang

Sudden Death

Yesterday marked the final day of the World’s Greatest Comedy Site: ZUG. For eighteen years, ZUG was a source for pranks, ranging from riffs on butt-Xeroxing to bible & koran-shooting, to Punking Ashton Kutcher. Contrary to the old dot.com mantra, though, content was not king,–no matter how hilarious that content may be. What ruled on ZUG was community–a massive, global, incestuous, fabulous, foetid, glorious, and funny-as-f**k family, sired by one man’s dream to prank the world. Continue reading “ZUG zwang”