A Lost Cause

I’ve been explaining to a lot of folks that:

  1. The Confederate statues being taken down are not monuments to the dead. Their original purpose was as public symbols of white supremacy, meant to intimidate Black Americans following different periods of racial unrest.
  2. Same with the Stars and Bars.
  3. The history and heritage that these people claim/believe these objects represent is a false, manufactured history.
  4. Nothing positive is lost with the removal of these objects. Our schools will continue to teach history, and schools that now teach the Lost Cause will be pressured to teach more accurate versions of history.
  5. Racism is not a permanent condition. Racists can shed the scales of racism and become decent human beings.
Artwork by Mike Luckovich, AJC

You Think That Shit is Funny?

When a white comedian makes a racist joke, whether or not it is comedy is up to each individual listener. Whether or not it is racist is not up for debate: It is. Same goes for men making sexist jokes, cis/trans, het/LGB…

Comics are free to say what words they want to say. Those they offend are free to call them on it and bring down consequences upon them.

This is not censorship. We need to all be clear on that. This is people of color (women, LGBTQIA, Jews, etc.) being empowered to call out bigotry in whatever form it takes.