Maya Posch, part 3


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In the previous installments of my chat with Dutch programmer Maya Posch, we mostly talked about her struggles in dealing with the complications that others have created around her being intersex. In part 3, we talk about other aspects of Maya.

Maya Posch on the Dutch TV show 'Je zal het maar zijn.'
That woman on the right. She has no shame.

Al: I watched the video of you on Vrije Vogels–the one where the lady was asking you about your genitals in a public locker room. (Editor’s Note: That’s the wrong video. I was referencing this one). What kind of feedback did you get from that?

Maya: Mostly people wishing me well and such. The most feedback I got from the magazine articles and the 2010 TV show.

Al: If I were a betting man, I’d put down a few grande that you got a bunch of marriage proposals. I mean you were in a public locker room talking about your genitals.

Maya: In a sense :) There were some older guys offering me a place to live :P

Al: Ew.

Maya: Yeah, there’s a lot of that, sadly.

Al: I’m an older guy, and I know how gross I am.

Maya: :) Continue reading “Maya Posch, part 3”