Merry Crispness to All

pigeoto-01Crispness been celebrated since way before Jesus. It had different names in different cultures, but similarities abound, not unlike fine ham. Jesus probably wasn’t even born at this time of year, so Christians have no claim over this time of year. Not saying that they shouldn’t celebrate in December, only that the complaints of a vocal few don’t have much merit. Continue reading “Merry Crispness to All”

Aradhna, part 1

 Spirits in the Material World.

Pete Hicks and Chris Hale of Aradhna
Pete and Chris bang out "Whipping Post" for the fans.

Aradhna is a band that is hard to characterize. Believe me–I’ve tried. Every description comes up short: White guys playing Indian music,  singers of songs about Jesus in Hindi, trippy hippies dipping into the pulse of the world…

My plan for the Aradhna interview was to go in all smartassed and never let up, but I realized immediately that if I did that, I’d miss out on the questions I really wanted to ask. Before you dismiss me as a sellout, check out the videos for Namaste Saté and Mukteshwar, then eat crow, mother#$%*er.

Chris Hale sings and plays sitar. He and I were roommates in college. Back then, he was a monster guitar player, a generous soul, and a man seemingly incapable of any kind of negative feelings toward other humans. Some of that has to do with being raised in Nepal and India by missionary surgeon parents. Peter Hicks was born in India, though his primary instrument in Aradhna is the guitar. It’d be criminal to label what they create together as “World Music” or “Christian Music,” so I strongly recommend that you listen to some before proceeding.

I chatted with Chris, Pete, and tabla player Jim Feist while the band was taking a tour break. Continue reading “Aradhna, part 1”